Everything You Think You Know is about to Change.

Are You Sure You Want to Do This?
My warning is simple, do NOT proceed down this page if you’re not absolutely sure you’re ready for this.
Contrary to what pages like this are supposed to do, I do not desire to “CONVINCE” you to register for the Blueprint of How Anniversary Conference.

I usually post fliers of #TheBlueprintofHow as a matter of protocol because after the first two calls announcing that registration is open -the seats are filled.

Many times, there’s a long waitlist filled with people who wait for BOH and I’m not saying they waited for registration to open. I’m saying they paid and then waited for us to start.

That is the power of what we’re attempting to describe here.

This means that we will try and describe your experience at the Blueprint of How but we will fail. We will only scratch the surface.

Past participants will tell you of all the TEARS you will shed at #TheBlueprintofHow experience and the joy.

The joy, that butterfly in your belly, fidgeting inducing, deep throat-belly laughter kind of joy. It will not come from your clarity alone. How Mfon Ekpo navigates the maze will make you burst out in tongues.

I repeat, nothing on this page will be enough to prepare you for the experience that is The Blueprint of How. NOTHING!

Past participants will tell you of all the TEARS you will shed at #TheBlueprintofHow experience and the joy.

I am totally speechless! Mfon is sophisticated yet simple, very sincere. @mfonekpol I cried inwardly until tears dropped and I quickly wiped them off. Clarity in what to do next with my life has never been this simple. You broke down the complex things I find so hard to talk about in the simplest form.
It’s not time to shed tears behind closed doors but to take action and channel my energy correctly.

Busola Dakolo

My top lesson coming out of The Blueprint of How by Mfon Ekpo is that you have to flip the script and invest in your dream to the same amount of time, money and persistence you invested in attaining your formal education,if not more…#just do it!

This lesson alone renewed my purpose in pushing the pedal down harder in chasing my dream as a storyteller and filmmaker.

Wambui Mark

Every text message received after The Blueprint of How, every post, every DM, every voice note…too numerous to collate tell me one thing; at the end, my heart will really be as full as yours.

And then you will need another BOH. And another. Why? Your excavation will just have begun and this isn’t something you experience just once.

You will finally know the purpose with Mfon Ekpo as the midwife. You will want to register everyone you know and love because their lives must make sense.

You will struggle to articulate what The Blueprint of How experience was like and you will not find the words quickly.

Do you feel like your life lacks a certain depth?

Do you feel like you’ve been spinning the wheels for a long time with almost zero traction?

Do you seem to be living the dream to others, a great job, great life, growing in leaps and bounds but you’re crying inside because you do not feel fulfilled at all?

Do you have walls around you that make you scared to let anyone get close? Spouses, kids and even God?

Do you feel like you’re alive but not really present?

Do you feel like you have nothing else to offer?

Do you want to stop being fearful and start to notice, self analyze and apply?

Are you ready to finally leave every weight, every foolishness, every worry, every conditioning, every excuse, every doubt behind?

Is it time to express the fuller expression and expansion you’re designed for for the world to know you’re here?

Are you finally ready to shine and own who you are without apologies?

If you tell me to explain what happened at the #blueprintofhow with @mfonekpo1 I will just tell you to please go and book for her next seminar. I can’t explain what went on there for a good 12 hours! We practically lost track of time!
You need to attend to understand it. This was not a normal seminar…I call it a healing and renewing session..People were healed inside…I can testify…I was a victim but now I am FREE! Got home trembling because I can see a whole new me which scares but validates who I am #becoming. Thanks @mfonekpol for opening up to us and showing us that we must invest in ourselves to get to where God wants us to be…The great stage.
energy correctly.
@alibabagcfr thank you for the enlightenment. Hearing you talk from a man’s perspective gave me clarity to unanswered questions in my mind.


 I attended The Blueprint of How (African Edition) hosted by Mfon Ekpo in Lagos. It was Expository, educative, challenging and fun. It was thorough, It was deep, It was open, It was naked, It was real, It was truth. 

You need to attend for yourself to get the full experience.


I remember that rainy day in March when I went for The Blueprint of How, I observed all the women as they came into the venue. They looked like they had it all together and they were on top of the world. I was like “God help me.” We started and I realized that they were just like me. Some wanted to discover themselves. Some had things at birth but didn’t know how. Some just needed strength to leap over huge mountains. In that room we were connected.
I left the seminar enlightened. Mfon opened my eyes to possibilities I didn’t even think existed. Since then I have been able to increase my streams of income. I have been able to clearly define where I am going and what I need to get there. And I left with a boost in my confidence level. I recommend this seminar for every woman. Trust me, something will shift within you.


I have not slept in 2 days……mfon has rearranged my brain.
This is not a clarity class, it’s a life reset class. You are forced to tell yourself the HARD TRUTH, how I continue is on me….chineke#team self truth# team unlearn and learn your life#what do you want to be when you grow


In The Blueprint of How, when you catch a glimpse of what you can become, it’s like a light bulb moment.

Suddenly things make sense and you’re excited, scared, elated…a whirlwind of emotions hit you all at once.

And then comes the part where you know you should sleep because three MORE coming the next day but you can’t because your mind is trying to get ahead of the process. Trying to think it through, trying to figure out the walk well ahead of the crawl.

You will finally understand WHY no one will be able to fully explain The Blueprint of How to you and you also won’t be able to explain it to anyone.

The Blueprint of How Conference cannot be explained. It is impossible.


If I were to caption this picture, I would say we were all like, ‘See myself, what exactly have I been doing with my life?
That exactly how you feel when you attend #theblueprintofhow. You decide to take ownership, you decide to stop taking permission from people, money and circumstances
You decide to live rather than merely survive. You decide to build your red house (what you really want for yourself) rather than the blue house (other people’s expectation of you).
You decide to love YOU cause only then can you truly love others. Thanks @mfonekpo1.


They say our attention spans are pitifully short these days but we listened, we learned, we laughed, we were lacrimal and we began to lose the dread of jumping over the course of 12 unbelievable hours.

Thank you Mfon Ekpo for sharing your fire with a matchstick who was once damp and lost in the middle of the brunch.

Ayodele Dada


My mind, my brain, my hands cannot contain all I learned yesterday. Hours of intense, mind expanding, life changing training at the Blueprint of how seminar with @mfonekpo1. I still cannot sleep, I see my possibilities, I see my mistakes but l’m ready move, to take the next step and if I fail, I fail but move I must and keep moving I will. No mask, no filter I drop it all now. I’m so ready nothing and no one can stop me.. Thanks @mfonekpol you are a huge blessing. Get ready world Imma is taking over.


So, we’re ready, I am ready but the question is are you ready for what’s coming?

Whatever stage you are at in your life, The Blueprint of How Conference is the golden opportunity you desperately need to totally transform your life. You should grab it with both hands.

Are you ready?


#theblueprintofhow with @mfonekpo1 was truly amazing
You can’t lose concentration or afford to lose it. It’s indescribable, at first I felt it was going to be one of those sessions you pay for and Just hoped for the best. Despite reading all about her impressive resume, some part of me felt it was all hype, not until we started the session then I understood what I just let myself into. You can’t describe it until you’ve felt it. One is never too old to change, plus some things in our lives we take for granted.
I’m forever grateful to Almighty God for all the Blessings that surround me. Thanks @mfonekpol You were simply amazing balls.


Nnanna Adim

There’s an adage that says that “lightening doesn’t strike twice at the same spot. So also the lightening and thunder of Africa Mfon ekpo. She doesn’t speak twice, you will do yourself a great disservice if you don’t listen.

Someone once said “The opportunity of a lifetime should be seized in the lifetime of that opportunity”
Here’s an opportunity for you to be part of this life excavation experience.

Nnanna Adim

Meet Your Host

Mfon Ekpo is the CEO of The Discovery (Training and Development) Centre, a founding partner, and an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team.

A certified human behavior consultant, development strategist and professional negotiator, she has served as a member of the President’s Advisory Council and is a two-time recipient of the ‘Golden Quill’ award by the National Academy of Bestselling Authors in Hollywood for co-authoring two bestselling books with renowned leading experts such as Brian Tracy and Robert Allen amongst others.

An astute professional with multiple degrees in Maritime Law, Business law, Journalism, Neuro linguistic programming, Project management and Negotiation, Mfon is an international speaker and a coach to top business CEO’s, industry and thought leaders.

A recipient of the award “Best in Professional Ethics” from the Nigerian Law School, Mfon has also won local and international awards for socio –economic and developmental essays and papers written and presented- From the GOI Peace Foundation in Tokyo for her paper on “Paradigm Shift, A Step in the Right Direction” to the award by the Financial Institution Training Centre on her paper “How to Manage Nigeria’s Domestic Public Debt” and that of the Nigerian Tourism Development Board on her essay on “The History of Tourism in Nigeria”.

Mfon is a Mandela Washington Fellow

Mfon is a Mandela Washington Fellow in the pioneer set of President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative and served as the Chairperson of the Advocacy committee on the Regional Advisory Board for West Africa.

She was elected a Fellow of The Institute of Management Consultants in recognition of outstanding academic and professional standing and a demonstrated commitment to maintaining and promoting the highest world standards of management consulting practice and ethics.

She was appointed Honorary citizen and a Goodwill Ambassador for the State of Arkansas in the United States of America in 2014 and in 2017, she was named one of the most influential women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa.

She was also shortlisted by the British Council Awards for Social Impact in Nigeria in recognition of the tangible socio-economic impact of her training and coaching programmes and the globally acclaimed intensive seminar “The Blueprint of How”, helping people across Africa, Europe and The United States of America translate their ideas into viable and sustainable impact-driven initiatives and businesses.

She has spoken and taught at The University of Oxford, Yale, Harvard, Howard University, The University of Southampton and High Point University, North Carolina amongst others.

Mfon serves as an advisor to leaders around the world, a Mentor on the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme (TEEP) and sits on the Board of Directors of Wentors, an information technology organization with a mandate to increase the rate of participation and retention of Women in Technology

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